A wee reminder about our failing oil.

It’s a shame, we had such high hopes for ourselves as a country. Rich in resources, history, pride and passion, we wanted a wee shot steering the ship again, now that Westminster had shown us how to do it properly. Because everyone knows we’re not genetically programmed to do these things ourselves.

So, I thought I’d do some more of that researchy stuff, just to make sure noone was telling any porky pies during our recent independence tantrum debate.

global-homepage-bp-logo-imageHere’s a wee statement from the BP Group Chief Executive (who I think is on minimum wage, and a lifelong Labour voter) where he says “…the province is now mature and I believe Sir Ian Wood correctly assesses its future potential“.  He also goes on to say that “The opportunities today are smaller and more challenging to develop than in the past“.  Sounds like their days are numbered.  They’ll be lucky to fill a jerry can, let alone a full barrel.

One thing was tickling the back of my poor wee overtaxed brain, however, and that was a statement from the Regional President of BP North Sea (another low paid wage slave), just a few months ago.  I’m sure he mentioned increasing output and being really excited.  See for yourself, as I obviously cannot be trusted with such things, as I’m heavily biased, much more so than our upstanding BBC who gave you the truth about these matters.

So, as always, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about being better together and all that jazz.

A Scotsman