A Response to the fears of a No voter

I’ve been trying to engage No voters, to find out if there is anything that can be said to allay their fears, put there mind at rest, and convince them that Independence isn’t the big, scary bogey man it is portrayed as.

“There was not one fear, but many. Currency, EU, Voice within EU, tax, cost of setting up own gov, white paper over egging price of oil, were just a few”

Without knowing your exact position and situation, it’s hard to be specific, that’s why people are encouraged to do their own research and apply it to their own situation and what they care about.

The cost of setting up our own government is actually quite small, as we wont have to replicate everything that Westminster has, we can do it smaller and more efficient. Some of it is already in place anyway.

Currency? Seriously, what are you actually afraid of when it comes to the currency? Is it going to impact you? It doesn’t bother Ireland and NI, who also have an open border btw. It doesn’t bother the people down south who keep popping to France. It doesn’t stop anyone who holidays in Ibiza, or us buying Japanese cars, or toys from China. Seriously, it’s one of the biggest non-issues that was blown up out of all proportion.

The EU question is another spanner they threw in the works. UK withdrawing from the EU is a very real possability, regardless of what we think. We also have no voice at the EU table now, as we are drowned out by England.  Our own seat at the table is vital to protect our interests.

Oil is not the only egg in our basket, and the price is always going to fluctuate. The treasury have always underestimated it, and the SNP often overestimate it. The difference isn’t much to worry about however. We have enough oil reserves, and the ability to increase or decrease production as required. The price of oil is never going to plummet, in fact if it starts to run out, the price will go up as we all rely on it so heavily.  However, do you know that Westminster are grabbing historic Scottish waters by redefining the borders, and claiming the odd oil and gas field along the way?  Do you also know that there is a lot of oil and gas buried under the sea on the west coast of Scotland that we cannot access so long as Trident remains berthed in the Clyde?  The price of oil is of less importance than the amount of oil and gas, and getting access to it.
And while they distract you with uncertain oil prices, they forget to mention the massive renewable energy industry, and how we could end up exporting oil, gas, water, and electricity to England, rather than them just taking what they want.

Tax.  That’s a tough one.  You might be better off, you might be worse off, but by how much either way?  A couple of percent?  Another non-issue blown way out of proportion.  Scotland is more inclined to lower direct taxes (i.e. from your pay packet) to put more money in your pocket.  That gets spent, boosts the economy, goes into someone elses wage packet, and they get taxed… that’s how the economy works, and should have been done from 2008 when everything crashed.  More money in pockets is better for everybody.  The more they take out your pay packet, the less you have to spend, the less they earn in the long run.

They also don’t talk too much about TTIP, and the detrimental affect it will have on the NHS.  There was a lot of things they didn’t talk about, they just tried to distract people by turning our points around.  The No Thanks campaign didn’t really have any proposals or figures of their own to use, just “stay as we are”.  It’s not stay as we are though, is it?  It’s more cuts, it’s more foreign wars, it’s more resources drained out of the entire Union and syphoned down to Westminster.  It’s more corruption, it’s more jobs for the boys, it’s more corporate profits by government subsidy, from taxpayers pockets.  It’s more Amazon and Starbucks, taking your money twice and giving nothing back, so they can save you £1 on a book or overpriced coffee with your name spelt wrong.

Pay very close attention to the News (both mainstream and alternative) over the next year or so, to see what is and isn’t being said.  Like the changes to the welfare system to make it harder for us to operate seperately


One thought on “A Response to the fears of a No voter

  1. Allen the currency you are talking about are exchange rates not a currency union with that all our fiscal controls being set by Bank of England which we would have no say on look at the mess of the euro zone and the divides their in with Germany having to bail out less financially stable countries eg Greece I think there would be a bigger divide with most yes voters not wanting England dictating our fiscal and monetary policies not to mention pressures on limiting budget deficits which we struggle with now . On setting up our own infrastructure initial costs were 200 million but scottish gov own mr dunleavy has also stated this figure would grow substantially if rest of uk took a hard line stance against our independence ( which I think would happen ) and we have not been informed of how we would set up new tax it systems and dept of work and pension systems also I think new Zealand’s costed in the ball park of 750 mill . As for eu if we were independant I don’t think we would walk in to eu as we would rely on all member states voting us in I don’t think Spain would let us walk straight in given their Catalonian push for Indy as for us not having a say I don’t see current gov as a them and us so currently they are our gov . As with yourself I don’t think oil is the main issue all gov will give different valuations as for trident with the white paper we would get rid of trident which we know about to joining NATO where we will an don’t ask don’t tell policy I think I would rather know tbh . And totally agree with how inept better together campaign was seriously my two girls at 5 and 6 could have put up a better defence I seriously think we got a no vote in spite of these idiots purely down to people’s uncertainty . Hope this gives you some idea of my position and I look forward to chatting with you on this further


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