TV or not TV

Strange and wonderful things are happening.

The 45 have been getting a lot of bad press recently (funny that, considering one of their gripes is a biased mainstream media, but I digress), so it’s nice to be able to post the other side of the coin.

At the moment they are fractured, split up, 1.6 million single voices raised in anger, pain, outrage, despair, betrayal, hope and a myriad other emotions.  That, however is going to change, as the recent upsurge in party registrations has shown.  The SNP are now the third largest party in the UK, outnumbering UKIP, the Greens, and even the Lib Dems.  Not only that, but when the number of new members passes the number of existing members, it puts the population, the 45, in the driving seat of the party.  It allows them to dictate policy.  It’s as if they went into Govs’R’US and bought a ready made political machine off the shelf, and can now compete with the two ravenous, slavering beasts, not only in Scotland, but across the UK.

And we haven’t even got organised yet!  But I digress, again.  Doh!

Many people, after the paedophile scandal, the expenses scandal, and now the referendum scandal (and a few more along the way) are turning their disgust into action, and are cancelling their TV licences, a mass protest and withdrawal of support.  “We no longer will sit idly by while you abuse your position!” we say.

However, it doesn’t end there.  One bright spark amongst the 45 suggested the blindingly simple, yet amazingly brilliant idea of taking the cash we would have donated to the BBC canteen fund, and instead donating it directly to the food banks for the people in Scotland.

Double whammy!

Mr TV Licence man, if you want your money,They're coming to take you away! please go and rip it from the mouth of that starving wean.  Our children are more important than our entertainment.  If we have to watch Eastenders an hour late on catch-up rather than live, then so be it.  It’s not like we’re going to be watching the news, is it?  You made damn sure of that.

I’m not interested in the proms, I don’t like cricket (I don’t love it either) or wimbledon, and I always watch Dr Who later after the wee man is in bed.

So, this is the 45 slowly starting to get organised.  This is the first of many things that will happen, as the population of Scotland take the power back, and start to reaffirm our priorities.

So long, and thanks for all the pish.

A Scotsman


3 thoughts on “TV or not TV

  1. am no paying my taxes to
    The English wankers, all ready have a massive tax bill but they can bolt bunch of child malesting fucks. prince charles and jimmy fix your ass


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