Frack Off!

I’m a bit behind with this one, apparently we’re all going to be fracked to death.  Westminster Plc is selling off licences for companies to poison us, shake us about, and devalue our properties.  That’s right, they are already in the middle of buggering us royally, another reason why they had to win the indyref it appears.

Look out below!

Look out below!

I don’t know if they have some perverse Antlantean dream, maybe they will watch from Ipswich as the country slides under the waves, or whether they are simply going to poison all us poor folk who wont be in the wealth controlled safe zones.  I’m not privvy to their plans behind the plans.

It’s disgusting, sickening, amoral and a whole bunch of other things.  Get active, get in touch with MPs, MSPs, MEPs, yer granny, the papers, the bloke in the post office, and that man with a dug that always says good morning.

This has to be stopped!

A Scotsman


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