An Open Letter to the Labour Party

Dear New Labour,

Who are you?  What has happened to you?  The party you have become bears no relation to the party you are supposed to be.  The opposition is supposed to offer an alternative to government, to be balance, to prevent too much harm to the people you claim to represent.  Where have your ideals gone?  Where has your passion gone?  How do you differ drastically from the Tories?

We looked to you to shine a light on the truth, picking a way through the deceptions of the government when you are in opposition.  We looked to you to redress the balance and help bring back a fairer deal for the working man, after the excess of a Tory government when you were in power.  We looked to you, and you turned away from us.  We supported you, and you changed, before our very eyes, into this bastard half-breed offspring of Labour and Tory parents.

It got you where you wanted, but at what cost?  Your recent behaviour means you’re all but finished in Scotland, where you took your support for granted.  You used it, abused it, and ignored it.  “Here’s 2 million voters that we don’t need to worry about, they’ll never vote Tory, and that’s a win for us”.

We don’t want Tory Lite, we want an alternative.  You have failed to give us one.  I’m not going to bang on about the past, about who was right and wrong over your recent activities, that is best left to better voices than mine.  I will talk about your future though, and that is going to be a stark thing indeed, especially in Scotland.

What are you going to do, who are you going to be?  In an independent Scotland, how is a Labour presence going to work, not only in the short term, but in the long term as the countries start to diverge.  In a country crying out for social justice, desperate to redress rebalance and regenerate and recover from the last few decades.  A country, that historically has cried out for who we felt the Labour Party was.

You aren’t giving us enough information.  Where is your White Paper for an independent Scotland?  If it’s the will of the people, where are your preparations?  It was, and some would say is supposed to be on your manifesto.  Home Rule for Scotland was one of the founding principles of the Labour Party.  Where is it now?

If you hope to recover any support in Scotland you need to start thinking beyond following the Tory line, and start thinking for yourself, and listening to your (potential) voters.

I suggest that ASAP you work on your vision for an independent Scotland, and if it contains the words “crawl back to the Union” then you can just fuck right off.

A Scotsman.


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